Ramayana without Hanuman

Is it possible to imagine Ramayana without Hanuman in it? Would it not be like tasting a fruit that has no sweetness in it? Children and youth revel in Hanuman’s strength, the brave in his courage, the pious in his devotion, the learned in his knowledge, and the Truth seeker in his tranquility.

When Rama was heart-broken due to the separation of Seeta, it was Vayuputra Hanuman who discovered her and brought back the positive news of her being alive in Lanka.

It was nearly the end of the one-year period that Ravana had granted Seeta to become his wife. Seeta was contemplating suicide when Anjaneya reached there to provide her with solace and assurance. If not for his timely arrival, she might not have survived to be with Rama.

In order to instill fear in the mind of Ravana, Hanuman behaved as if he were one of the most foolish of people. “Despite this,” Ravana thought, “if this monkey is capable of so much, what would the entire army do to mine?” Thus, Hanuman successfully placed the seed of fear in Ravana mind, thereby weakening him even before Rama arrived on the scene! Hanuman placed absolute faith in Rama’s divinity and this enabled the Vanara army to come together as one and build the bridge across the sea.

When the whole of Rama’s army seemed to be dying out, Hanuman, on the advice of Jambavan, fetched the Sanjeevani Mountain, thereby enabling many a fallen hero to be revived and made fit for battle again.


Bharata, having vowed not to enter Ayodhya to replace Rama as king, placed Rama’s footwear on the throne and retired to a hut on the outskirts of the city. At the end of fourteen years, not having heard of Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana since they all left the Aranyaka (forest), fearing the worst, he decided to annihilate himself by perishing in a pyre. As he went around the fire, a strong gust of wind blew off the huge pyre. Stunned , Bharata looked up to see an immense figure blowing it out intentionally. It was none other than Pavanputra! Looking beyond Hanuman, Bharata discerned the familiar figures of his brothers and Seeta Devi as they entered Ayodhya after their exile as relief filled his heart and a beam spread across his face and waited to be introduced to this mighty being.


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