Age-old yet evergreen stories for all generations from Bharata’s itihasa


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Would hate to call them stories. This is unwritten ancient Indian/Hindu history. Not documented, I agree it is mixed with myths and exaggerated in many places. Still there is no denying this is the history of Indian subcontinent. Never heard of Christians or Jews referring to the their history as mythology.


      1. Awesome to read such epics in short stories. Now this is going to be bed time stories. Actually, I like the way you choose your topic and name it apt to the content.
        I just love to read these epic, now I have encouraged my daughter read these epics.
        Best wishes Yamuna.


      2. Thank you so much for the very encouraging words, Lakshmi Priya!
        I really am glad that you and your daughter are having a nice time with the stories 🙂
        Do keep reading and posting your feedback!


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